The ULPower range of Engines falls into 4 and 6 cylinder engines, then each type comes with two cylinder types and two compressions(i for low compression and iS for high compression).  The 4 cylinder engines are 260 (i and iS) and 350 (i and iS) and the 6 cylinders are 520 (i and iS). Each of these can have an aerobatic inverted oil system, which adds an ‘A’ to the engine designation ‘350iSA’ for example.  A suffix of RR is for Reverse Rotation –  a neat way of using a ‘tractive’ propeller as a ‘pusher’ prop! There are more options too – forced cooling and a variety of helicopter options. To add to the range options, there is the most robust and fully redundant DUAL ECU option which makes the ULPower Aero Engine range the most adaptable and responsive on the market.  Latest manuals and specs are available on the official ULPower website – http://ulpower.com/en/engines  or you can read our blog on each of the engines listed below

UL260 – 97 and 107hp

UL350 – 118 and 130hp

UL390 – 140 and 160hp

UL520 – 180 and 200hp