Metal Seagulls Ltd are the official ULPower Aero Engine agents for the UK, Ireland, Iceland and West Africa.



This dynamic family business is run by Jonathan and Patricia Porter who have many years experience in building, flying and maintaining aircraft in the non-certified sector.  Based out of Rugby in the UK, they provide technical support, sales and consultancy throught their coverage area. Languages spoken fluently include English, French, Ewe, Ga, Fanti, Twi, Krobo, Hausa, etc.

Patricia is the first woman to be factory trained by Rotax Aircraft Engines and also the first woman to be factory trained by ULPower Aero Engines.  Both Jonathan and Patricia are comfortable providing training and field servicing to the full range of engines, including LAA and BMAA inspections.

You can read our Privacy Statement here: http://metalseagulls.co.uk/privacy-statement