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The ULPower Engine Range

ULPower started spinning props in 2006 (after a 4-year clean sheet development journey). The pedigree of the engines has roots in Audi rally winners and some of the finest CNC engineering expertise in Europe. Unlike many aircraft engine companies, ULPower has solid financial backing companies and individuals with a passion for quality engineering and a product that meets the needs of homebuilders, fixed and rotary wing OEMs and drone manufacturers. It is the strong technical background and large finaincial commitments that has enabled this brand to go from one 97hp engine to a full range 97 – 220hp engines, aerobatic options and more in under 15 years. All ULPower Aero Engines are direct drive FADEC – with no carbs, no mixture control, no primer, no carb heat, no gearbox – just a simple and reliable single lever control with what our clients claim is the easiest starting engine they have ever owned!

UL260 – the 4-cylinder 2.6 litre ‘entry level’ engine is offered in low compression (97hp) and high compression (107hp) and offers an excellent power to weight ratio, along with ease of installation, maintenance and operation for which ULPower is renowned. (also available with semi- and fully-aerobatic options and dual ECU).

UL350 – the 4-cylinder 3.5 litre most popular engine in the range, with 118hp and 130hp versions which regularly boast a lower installed weight than many 100hp engines.(also available with semi- and fully-aerobatic options and dual ECU).

UL390 – the 6-cylinder super smooth 3.9 litre engine with 140hp and 160hp versions – weighing in about the same as many legacy engines at lower power output – but similar dimensions, making this a popular engine for a wide range of new and re-engine powerplants(also available with semi- and fully-aerobatic options and dual ECU).

UL520 – the 6-cylinder super smooth 5.2 litre engine with 180hp and 200hp versions is the ideal powerplant for a wide range of airframes – but do note that the installed weight is so favourable compared to legacy engines in this power range that you may be able to add VP prop and still have the option to add a toolbox into the FWF compartment to come into the nose weight you are used to! (also available with semi- and fully-aerobatic options and dual ECU).

UL520T– our newest engine which is the only engine we do not offer in aerobatic version – but with its turbo/normaliser it offers 220hp at 2700 rpm all the way to 15000ft+ and is the engine of choice for those needing power at higher density altitudes… (also available with ASTM certification)

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